August 2014

Hadley Kay | 6 months {Naples, Bonita, Estero Child Portrait Photography}

Here’s the ever-so-lovable Hadley Kay all of 6 months old now!! Her smile really makes my day.

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Carson | Naples, Bonita, Estero Newborn Portrait Photography

I am so excited to share this beautiful baby boy with you. Carson was quite the angel while I was photographing him.  When I got to Carson’s home, his lovely mother showed me around for some shooting location options. It was like walking through the gates of heaven when she opened the french doors to this entirely unfurnished, white walled, windows on all sides, high ceilings PARADISE!  Lol, ok, that was a little overboard BUT the room was absolutely perfect […]

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Brittany Horne Photography & Design {Couture Albums}

You may not have known that, not only am I a photographer, but I have a passion for design as well.  While I plan out each of my photo sessions in advance down to tiny details, I am putting together a vision of design in my head. Many of my photos are shot at certain angles, orientations and crops for specific reasons relating to design. Sometimes there may be a lot of negative space in an image to allow for […]

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Grayson | Naples, Bonita, Estero Newborn Photography

Grayson’s such a handsome little cutie who really takes physical qualities equally from his beautiful parents. We did his newborn shoot when he was, I  believe, 13 days new!  He did so well for us and we couldn’t have asked for more for better cooperation.  I was made aware that he doesn’t love to be on his tummy but he certainly didn’t mind during the turtle shot! I think he just loved the outfit 😉  Speaking of the outfits- aren’t […]

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