About me

Hi, I’m Brittany!

Wife, Mother, Daughter, Animal-lover, Mustard-Hater, Fearless-Photographer.

As a child growing up in South Florida, I'd tear out magazine photos- mostly perfume ads of gorgeous people and dreamy lighting- and tape them all over my bedroom walls, enamored with their beautiful messages. Portrait photography, in particular, fascinates me- human connections and emotions are so telling and worth telling.
In 2006, I was a 20-year-old with two choices in front of me- continue a Communications Degree at Florida State University or take a leap of faith and start from scratch 3000 miles away at a small art school in California. Little old me packed up and headed West to a 3-year program in Portrait Photography. The drive to pursue this passion was bigger than the obstacles. I wasn't the most artistic of my peers or the most vocal during class critiques but, in the discomfort of feeling different, I grew confident in myself and my work. So, in 2009, upon completion of my fine arts degree, I founded my business, Brittany Horne Photography and have proudly worked alongside numerous award-winning photographers, photographed hundreds of families and countless milestones- engagements, weddings, maternities, birthdays, graduations and births, and created a business and clientele I am so proud of today!

What inspire my style

I believe Love is the most powerful healing tool. We all need love in our lives. And when we have lows, which we all do, how healing is it to be reminded how wonderful life really is in photographs.

Capturing human emotions, family connection, all the genuine and unique bonds God has blessed us with is my thang! There's no person whose story is not worth telling. If you're ready, I'm ready!

Love bears all things
Love believes all things
Love hopes all things
Love endures all things
1 Corinthians 13:7


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