Brittany Horne Photography & Design {Couture Albums}

Brittany Horne Photography & Design {Couture Albums}

August 22, 2014

You may not have known that, not only am I a photographer, but I have a passion for design as well.  While I plan out each of my photo sessions in advance down to tiny details, I am putting together a vision of design in my head. Many of my photos are shot at certain angles, orientations and crops for specific reasons relating to design. Sometimes there may be a lot of negative space in an image to allow for a spread across an album gutter or seam on a card. My clients and I really love to shoot with this purpose of design. Often one of our Couture Books filled with beautiful images from your session- all the way from newborn to boudoir- can be found in our clients homes.  The Couture album we offer at Brittany Horne Photography and Design is 100% custom designed to your style preferences by Me- the person that took your photos!  It’s often that you will find a photography studio that uses templates and/or outsources their work to designers that don’t know you, your style preferences or know what the photographer was shooting for in each image. These designs can feel less personal and not as unique.  The benefits of having a custom designed album from your session at Brittany Horne Photography & Design are my personal guarantee for a 100% unique design no one else will have, a superior quality product with personalized packaging, upgrade options that will fit budgets big and small alike and a lifetime guarantee.


Brittany 🙂

See the product for yourself; check out the thick page, lay-flat Couture Albums:

Blind Embossed Imprinting is just one of several options.

All pages are printed on E-surface photographic paper (just like our prints).  Other options include Matte and Pearlized Papers

Genuine Leather or faux leather cover options are available. check out how flat these pages lay. The gutter is so small, an image crossing over it still looks great!

Newborn Albums are an beautiful way to display the first weeks of your babies life. Fun to share with family and friends and totally cherishable for generations!

Image covers wrap all the way around the book. Choose to display your favorite images on the front and back and personalized the spine.