{Sophia} Atlanta, Alpharetta and Naples Pet Photography

{Sophia} Atlanta, Alpharetta and Naples Pet Photography

January 30, 2011

My dear friend Carly and her adorable mother, Cassandra came to me about creating a super special and surprising Christmas present for Cassandra’s boyfriend, Bill. He’s super hard to shop for and they really wanted something he wouldn’t expect. After long thought about what he loves and what he needs they came up with the idea of a photograph.  They wanted a portrait of the two things he absolutely adores- his plane and their dog, Sophia! It didn’t take long to decide that a photograph of Sophia by his plane would be something he certainly doesn’t have and something he would without a doubt love! On a trip to naples, i met up with Carly and Cassandra with Sophia at the Naples Municipal Airport.  It was well-thought out plan that turned into a bit of a crazy situation- Bill, on the day of the shoot, had decided he was going to take his plane out for a fishing trip to the Bahamas so all the while photographing we were soooo nervous he was going to show up!!! The shoot was short and sweet due to the panic that he was going to drive up to his surprise! We got what we came for and we made it out without him knowing a single thing though! Needless to say Bill love love loved his picture and was totally surprised!

Sophia’s a Hungarian Vizsla dog Breed! She had the MOST beautiful red coat I have ever seen!

When photographing your own pets try using a Fisheye Lens! Often times animals, especially curious puppies, will come up so close to the camera to check it out you miss the shot. But, with a fisheye lens, the animal can literally be an inch away and still get the whole image! Because of it’s distorted view I was able to capture Sophia only about 1 foot away and the whole plane in the background with the fisheye lens. The lens is great for portraying animals curious personalities 🙂