{Mikayla & Victoria | 6 Months} Naples, Bonita, Estero, Children Milestone Photographer

{Mikayla & Victoria | 6 Months} Naples, Bonita, Estero, Children Milestone Photographer

August 27, 2015

If you remember last spring my blogpost showcasing the newborn, twin princesses, Mikayla & Victoria, and how teeny tiny they were, you might find it hard to believe 5 months have come and gone and they are 6 months old! They have both grown so much and they’re expressive personalities are shining through in their unique ways!  These images are the firstthat the parents feel really show off the distinctive differences in appearance and personality. It’s kind of crazy and very cool that little Mikayla is looking more like her mommy, Jenna and wee Victoria is turning out more like her daddy,Justin!  Its clear to see that a Scottish combined with an Italian background make beautiful babies !  Ok, so the shot of the two girls together was totally photoshopped because that dress they are wearing was mom’s dress when she was a baby!  Of course, there was only one, so I photographed each girl individually and then composited them together. That face on Mikayla (on the right) is too much! She wasn’t too sure about all these pictures and Victoria was bright-eyed (aren’t her blue eyes amazing!) and cheerful. Since I am so close with the family, I had to have a picture of me and the girls (last shot).

Headbands & Diaper Covers: Cottontails

Mommy and Nona

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