{Lee and Bud} 60th year of marriage

{Lee and Bud} 60th year of marriage

September 26, 2010

You two are role models
for everyone who believes in eternal love,
for those who trust that there really is
a “one and only.”
You are role models
for the benefits of a happy marriage
through unconditional love for one person
for sixty years.
You are role models,
showing that two are better than one,
that it is better to be a team
in facing life’s challenges.
You are role models
for commitment, for caring,
for unselfish devotion.
Happy sixtieth anniversary!
May your love continue to be
a golden beacon for the rest of us.

-Joanna Fuchs

Blue Ridge, Georgia, It must be a truly magical moment to celebrate 60 years as husband and wife and to see all the happiness and energy you have brought in this life together. Below are images I captured of Lee and Bud’s 60th wedding anniversary and vow renewal hosted by their 5 loving children. ¬†You will see what true joy has resulted from their love….

Day 1: Taco Night

Day 2: Ceremony and Reception